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About MAF Samoa USA

The MAF of Samoa USA is the principal organisation which provides regulatory and technical advice, training, and support for subsistence farmers, commercial farmers, agri-processors, and exporters to effectively manage and use the potential in agriculture and fisheries for food security, income generating opportunities, commercial development, and sustainable management of resources.  


The Economic Aid Division of MAF is to assist funding projects to conduct research, provide advisory services, publish information newsletters and coordinate radio talk back shows for the public on issues faced by the agricultural and fishery sectors, and coordinate and facilitate development projects to improve these sectors. 

Economics Development Aid

To conduct research, provide advisory services, and undertake development on the areas of human resource management, finance, administration, asset management, and information technology in accordance with relevant legislations, policies and procedures of our Government.  


MAF’s vision is: Self sufficiency in food and increased income generating opportunities in farming. 

MAF’ of Samoa USA's long term goals are:  

1.       Improved Food Security

2.       Improved Commercial Development

3.       Sustainable Agricultural Production

Coral Reef Island

Samoa MAF USA  is pleased to announce that Honourable Siaki "Jack" Lata has been named its new  USA Country Director, 

Lata brings a wealth of experience and skills in the fields of management, strategy, international negotiations to his new role.  Having been trained as  project manager, Lata likes to lead, stimulate, inspire and coach professionals in a multidisciplinary and cross-cultural context.

Siaki Lata: “Throughout my career, the subject of trade and development has been of great interest to me. I firmly believe in trade as a means to stimulate economic growth and job creation with our Country of Samoa.  I am honoured to represent and to be tasked with developing Samoa's economic growth.  I look forward to establishing and building long trade relationships with businesses showcasing our Samoa.

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Mission & Goals

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Improve Commercial Development

Efficient. Reliable. Experienced.

Improve Food Secuirty

It’s All in the Details

Sustainable Agricultural Production

Customized Business Investment Banking 

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We’re MAF of Samoa USA, an economic development  aid group dedicated to helping develop Samoa's Agricultural and Fisheries projects.   Over the years, we’ve worked in dozens of projects, and we strive to learn from each experience in order to deliver high quality results to future clients. Have a look at all the projects we’ve worked on in the past, and provide for this paradise nation.

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